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In 1907 Jean-Pierre Mathes Mathes founded the Caves Mathes. The domain had at that time of 2.8 ha of vineyards and the head office was located in Wormeldange rue principale.

In 1949 Marcel Mathes joined the company after its wine studies at Geisenheim. Under the leadership of Marcel Mathes the domain expands and further develops its own production and a wide range of foreign wines and spirits.

Since January 2005 the Mathes domain is managed by Paule and Jean-Paul Hoffmann Mathes.


The winery has 8 hectares of vines which a major portion is planted with Riesling (70%) the rest of the vineyard is spread over the other noble varieties such as, Auxerrois, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Pinot Black, Chardonnay.

The exceptional quality of these wines is marked by numerous references to "Grand Cru".


This is quality sparkling wine of the highest calibre. The name  « Crémant »  has been used for sparkling wine from Luxembourg since 1991, provided the legal requirements are met.

An innovative spirit, awareness of tradition and creativity have combined to create, in just two decades, a product that enchants even the most discriminating connaisseurs.

The crémant is based on healthy, aromatic grapes with a refreshing acidity, favoured by the geographic location of Luxembourg’s winemaking region.

The selection of cultivars, composition of the vintage and the maturity period combine to make unparalleled products, turning Crémant de Luxembourg into a very special experience for the palate.

We develop four white crémants, Sélection, Summum, Prestige, Steel, and a Steel Rosé.


All the wines offered by our area come from grapes from the vineyards of the town of Wormeldange and bear the designation „ l’Appellation d’Origine Protégée – Moselle Luxembourgeoise.

All bearing the "Marque Nationale" official mark of quality in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Mathes wines are "Grand Premier Cru" for grapes entitled to this classification.

Namely, the Luxembourg wines are fresh and fruity wines that can be drunk young while presenting an aging potential.

riesling wousselt-2.jpg

Experienced oenologist or curious novice, our aim is to display the panorama of viticulture in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg through our wines and our approach that marries the traditional to the modern with view to optimise the operation of our vineyards.

You want to book a tasting?

By appointment, we offer tastings with meals in the framework of our formula A Night At The Cellar.

Groups of 20 to 35 people.


We suggest to discover our production of wines and Crémants such as the variety of international wines in the lovely setting of our property.

Located in the only region producing wine in the Grand Duchy, the Luxembourg Moselle valley, we offer a unique experience which reveals the scents and the diversity of our production.

For more than 100 years the Domaine Mathes welcomes lovers of Wine and we stand out through our exceptional quality which is worldwide appreciated.

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